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1. Environmental requirements: Temperature in the premises must be 10-30oC while relative humidity in the premises must be within the 20-80 percent range. If these conditions are not fulfilled, there is a risk of inferior-quality copies. In such case, move the laser printer into premises where the required temperature and relative humidity is maintained, and wait for at least two hours before printing.

2. Printing on paper that is too thick or too rough may lead to faster wear-and-tear of the OPC drum. 

3. Remove paperclips, staples, paper peaces or any other unnecessary objects as they may cause damage of the OPC drum. A damaged OPC drum will result in poorer printing quality.

4. The OPC drum is an especially sensitive part of a laser cartridge. Don’t touch it with your fingers, don’t expose it to direct sunlight, and take care not to damage it with sharp objects.

5. After the cartridge is inserted into the printer, the first prints may be of poor quality. This problem will be solved after printing about 10 pages. If problems persist, please consult your warranty.

6. The hologram label on the cartridge must not be damaged. Damage to the label will invalidate the warranty.

7. In case of a paper jam, the jammed sheet of paper can be removed only after the toner cartridge has been taken out. If you try to remove the sheet with the toner cartridge inside, this may cause damage to the cartridge.  


1. Make sure that the electrical contacts of the cartridge are dry. Wet contacts may damage the electrical part in the printer.

2. Do not use denatured alcohol to clean the cartridge nozzles. 

3. Do not use any adhesive materials, e.g. packaging tape, to apply it on the nozzles and contacts. The chemical content of the adhesive materials may damage the nozzles and contacts of the ink cartridges.

4. Colour cartridges may become soiled if they are kept in the printer for a long time but are not used. 

5. Do not keep the ink cartridge or printer close to a heat source as this may cause the ink to leak. Ink may leak even when the ink cartridge is still sealed.

6. Never fully use the ink in the ink cartridge. If you run printing with an empty cartridge, you can cause damage of the cartridge or printer.  

7. After the cartridge is removed from the printer, replace the seal as it was placed originally and put the cartridge into a bag. 

8. Keep the cartridge in a cool and dark place.

9. Bring the empty cartridge for refill as soon as possible (within a week). An empty ink cartridge must not be kept unfilled for a long period of time.

10. Should there be any white lines in printing, the nozzles of the cartridge should be cleaned. To clean the nozzles, use the printer cleaning cycle (see the printer user manual). Remember to never touch the nozzles with your fingers. If this does not help, please contact your nearest PRINTERA office.

11. Keep the removed colour cartridge with the cap facing upward to prevent mixture of the colours.

12. After you have inserted a new or refilled cartridge, print out at least two pages in a row.

13. It is recommended to print something at least once a week to prevent the cartridge from drying out. 


1. PRINTERA is responsible for the quality of the goods (hereinafter referred to as the cartridges) being sold and guarantees the best possible print quality for the printer system for which they were designed.

2. PRINTERA's warranty obligations are valid until 90 percent of the colour (powder/ink) is used, but not later than 2 (two) years from the date of purchase of a colour toner powder cartridge and not later than 6 (six) months from the date of purchase of an ink cartridge.

3. The PRINTERA’s warranty covers refilled and refurbished laser printer cartridges are valid unless the special PRINTERA warranty label is damaged. 

4. PRINTERA is responsible for the quality of the colour toner powder in laser cartridges only. It means that if other parts of the cartridge (drum, magnetic roller) appear to be defective and need replacement in the course of servicing, PRINTERA has the right to charge the additional cost of replacement. In such case, the  customer’s consent given over the telephone is deemed sufficient.

5. PRINTERA guarantees that a cartridge for a laser/ink printer, a photocopier or a multifunctional device refilled by or purchased from the company will let you make at least the number of copies provided for in the technical specification of the manufacturer. 

6. If a cartridge sold by PRINTERA fails to ensure high-quality operation of the device, PRINTERA undertakes to replace the defective cartridge free of charge.

7. If a device breakdown occurs due to the fault of a cartridge purchased from PRINTERA, the company undertakes to repair the device at its own expense and refund the cost of the cartridge.

8. PRINTERA warranty does not cover any expenses on warranty or non-warranty repairs of the device, if the repairs were performed by another organization without prior written notice to PRINTERA.

9. The defective product must be returned together with the document proving its purchase.

10. The warranty does not cover cartridges that were used for other than the specified purposes.


For all quality issues, please use our hotline at +370 700 55553 or send us an e-mail to printera@printera.lt.


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